Amanda Prideaux

I am proud to have been Miglio U.K.'s first Consultant and Team Leader since Miglio launched in the UK in April 2003.

I live in North West Hampshire on the way to everywhere with a very nice husband and a very small dog. I have had over 20 years experience in the direct selling world and love it....a perfect way for women to combine family, friends and work without too much stress. Having been a military wife and had 30 moves in 30 years, it is wonderful to have a business to take with you and introduce yourself each move to a new community of customers and make new friends en route.

The part I enjoy the most now that I am settled in one home, Rose Cottage, is being able, as a Team Leader, to help other women achieve what they want out of this business (remembering that we are all so different and have different aims) and have fun while we are doing it. And, having two daughters, one daughter-in-law and five granddaughters, I have a wonderful reason to sell jewellery and my own market research team ranging in age from four and half to 44 and a half years old!

The A-Team has now been in existence for nearly 10 years and I am looking forward to creating lots more breakaway Team Leaders in the future to introduce Miglio U.K. to an even wider market nationally.

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Glynn Lewis

The author Shirley Conran once said that: "life is too short to stuff a mushroom". She was absolutely right.

I worked for IBM (UK) Limited for a number of years and had an interesting career with lots of travel, challenges and demanding projects. When the time was right I resigned and started my own Marketing and PR practice. There again I enjoyed the challenge of interesting projects in technical marketing, exhibitions, international travel etc. And then........
I went to a networking meeting and met a delightful lady who was selling Miglio Jewellery. I saw the range and was completely hooked. I made the transition and became a Miglio consultant.

I live in the gorgeous county of Hampshire in one of the smallest towns in England - Whitchurch on the Test River with my husband and a black cocker spaniel called Muzi. Originally from South Africa, I love living here and enjoy what I am doing now more than anything else I have ever done.
One of the things I appreciate is meeting people from all walks of life and then being able to co-ordinate each client's individual style with this wonderfully innovative range of jewellery which spans age groups and lifestyles.

The latest Miglio brochure has a quote that is apposite. "Do what you love, and love what you do." Miglio Jewellery comprises a stunning product range, the support is fantastic, and for anyone who is self employed, what could be better than being in a supportive team?
It's simple - it enhances your life, as well as a lot of other people's lives, ... beautifully.

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